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New vinyl by Joakim Pirinen and Mikael Strömberg
Gonki is an omnipotent being who knows and can do everything, and who has the ability to see the downfall of the world.
Joakim Pirinen’s text about Gonki is unlike anything else. It is both as drastically humorous as the artwork of Pirinen, but also poetic and dark, like his cartoon stories.
The reality is recognizable but as elusive as a dream. Realism runs amok and surrealism lands right in the lap of those who take the time to listen.
This is Pirinen and Strömbergs´ fourth text-sound project on record together. On the album Gonki, laughter sticks in the throat and whims can not be tamed.
Musically, Gonki is obviously influenced by German kraut such as Tangerine Dream, Cluster, Can, Faust, Harmonia. When all the pieces are put together the result is a dark, intelligent, contemporary analysis, like gazing into a cracked mirror.

An Erik Axl Sund Artifact in cooperation with Lamour Rec

GONKI - Ny vinyl av Joakim Pirinen och Mikael Strömberg
Gonki är ett väsen som finns överallt, som kan och vet allt, och som har förmågan att se hur världen går under.
Joakim Pirinens text om Gonki liknar ingenting annat. Den är både drastiskt humoristisk som Pirinens teckningar, men också poetisk och svart. Precis som hans serieberättelser.

Joakim Pirinen: text and voice
Mikael Strömberg: music and sound

A1. Gonki (Pirinen/Strömberg)
02. Gonki (Pirinen/Strömberg)