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Go Go Gods formed in summer 2015 during former bandmates and roommates’ Milla Palovaara (Thee Ultra Bimboos, Maailmanlopun tyttö & Hyeenat) and Hanna Hopea (Miss Monster Club, Bouvier) late night jamming sessions. The line-up grew to its perfection when guitarist Ari Tarvainen (Sörnäinen, The Junk Pushers) joined the band, as well as bassist Juha Pikkarainen (Sultans of Hell).

Go Go Gods do not have any particular manual or holy book of rules, it is not tied in any special genre or even language. - The most important thing for us is a strong feeling we get through music, playing and lyrics; we embrace a sorrow and happiness equally. The struggle of sense and insanity is beautifully present at all times, Milla Palovaara points out.

With their first recording, ”Go Go Gods” (vinyl/CD, Erik Axl Sund Records) the band seems to have settled down to the grounds of melodic punk rock, murder ballads and melancholic pop/rock tradition, to a foggy, darkened landscapes where a dead moon is the only light in the sky, day and night. Go Go Gods’ lyrics are in Finnish, if that fits to the idea, in English if that feels better. Other languages may occur in the future.

Milla Palovaara: lead vocals, drums, violin
Hanna Hopea: guitar, backing vocals
Ari Tarvainen: guitar
Juha Pikkarainen: bass

A1. Etenee    
A2. Suru    
A3. Kultani    
B1. Life's Too Long    
B2. Shadows and the Ghosts    
B3. Lyhtyjen Alla