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The band name Dead Nugents derived from a satirical twist on a certain Detroit rocker gone bonkers. The Dead Nugents are Swedish pioneer punk rockers Janne "Doc" Fredricksson of Fosgen fame, Henrik Silfverhjelm from the Craps and riddim section Muffins Brink late of Demons and Danny Furious from seminal San Fransisco punk outfit the Avengers. Together these "Old Guy Punk" have created an unique brew of rock'n'roll the likes of which can be sampled on this their first release, a four song ep entitled Neat and Tidy. Play it loud, play it proud!

Janne Fredriksson (ex Fosgen) – Guitars and vocals
Danny Furious (ex Avengers, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) – Drums and vocals.
Hank Silfverhjelm (ex Craps, Vem von Helst) – Guitars and vocals. Muffins Brink (ex Demons, several US and Europe tours plus shows in Japan) – Bass.

A1. Monkey Wrenchin’
A2. Fun in the Garden    
B1. Kidney Transplant
B2. It’s Ok!