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Jacques C, born Per-Evert Carlsson, started making electronic music with a touch of dance in 2005. Having released 5 full length albums (Noir, Noir Pt.2, Layers, Jacques C, and Demons) on his own label Funk Noir, the time was right to release a compilation album on Erik Axl Sund Records where the crow men got to pick their favourite tracks on two 33,3 rpm vinyls, strictly limited to 300 copies.
Jacques C has been described as a mix of New Order and Daft Punk, but influences range back to Joy Division and the French Cold Wave. “Death and the Girl” includes 5 previously unreleased tracks. Recorded 2008-2015.

A1    When You Are Gone
A2    Troubled
A3    Thank You For The Music
A4    Humid Nights
B1    Fuck Sexism
B2    Doctor Noir
B3    What's A Love (When There Is No Tomorrow)
B4    Turn Out The Voices    
C1    Rock Man    
C2    Center Of The Heart    
C3    Stay A Little Longer    
C4    The Wagon    
D1    Don't Talk Just Kiss    
D2    Siren Waters
D3    Heaven Will Fall    
D4    White Car